Case Study: Implementation of processes

team working with several screens on implementation

Business process:

First identify what were the crossover opportunities for implementing technology for a specific company, then identify who were the different resources that will be involved on each of the other technologies, start to draw them the business processing and business rules to identify the data types that components like the different steps that the organization will need to inherit from the tooling, and what was truly the best offering for them.

There was a lot of business processes work to start creating a catalog of operational processes and then start separating what was a process what was operational versus a true project, right, and creating standard operational procedures for the for their processes and making sure that all that was documented, implemented in a way that you know, as a CLE reference like, you could easily reference it on a KB article for that we, you know, we leverage although it was not a tool that we were offering will ever send us to create a wide array of knowledge base articles that will carry on different processes and sort of step by step on how to troubleshoot how to implement what business rules to apply in which cases and then just basically, I would go very in detail for, you know, for implementation techniques, right. Although different tools have.

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