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Our implementation services will help you:

  • Clear out any mistakes from early adoptions
  • Implement executive reporting
  • Use systems as a single source of truth
  • Standardize project management and operations through workflows and automation
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Tired of projects missing timelines and budgets?

When you do not have a project management you experience:

  • convoluted boards and standalone workspaces which aren’t tied to a specific Project Management Methodology
  • Projects that are managed on major milestones VS day-to-day operations. By looking at the big picture, you miss daily project movement that a proper setup could otherwise track
  • Projects missing budgetary thresholds and eating away your profit
  • Lack of communication and collaboration among team members

Our implementation services will provide you with:

  • A dedicated Senior Project Manager to strategize and lay foundational work and a team of Associate Project managers to actually manage your projects on a day-to-day basis
  • Full control of your projects, with clearly defined goals and objectives accomplished on time and within budget
  • Taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities effectively managed in an easy intuitive way
  • Experienced teams helping you achieve your business goals
  • Accountable and dependable teams taking active ownership of tasks and project progress
  • Track and mitigate risks associated with the projects and operations of your organization

Is this something your company needs?

To successfully implement best practices and scalable solutions that will help your organization grow.


You could spend weeks, months or even years taking back control of your projects. 


Our project mastery system will ensure you have everything you need to take back control of your projects and operations. We prioritize and focus first on the highest value deliverables so your company can grow. 

With our implementation, you will have:

  • Powerful customization options
  • Workflows
  • Teams
  • Real-time updates 
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Complete overview of the project with just a few clicks
  • Pre-made templates for common tasks and processes
  • Resource and time management

Here is how it works:

  • STEP 1: Introduction: Schedule a consultation call to one of our experts.
  • STEP 2: Assessment: We will guide you through optimal methods in your project management practice so you can implement those on your own or bring in our teams to do it.
  • STEP 3: Estimation: We will calculate the effort, time, and materials needed to complete the implementation.
  • STEP 4: Execution: Expect to see value on every hour that we work and incremental deliveries at the end of every sprint cycle.
  • STEP 5: Closing and handover to internal teams: We transfer our knowledge effectively so it can be resource agnostic and your teams can be prepared to fully take PM proven standards over.

Use Case: Implementing Monday for a tech company

One of the biggest challenges faced by a company that provides data analytics solutions to a variety of clients was managing the workload, availability, and skills of its resources, which include developers, data analysts, and project managers. To address this challenge, we implemented Monday to track and manage the resources.

First, we created a dashboard on Monday that would allow the company to track the workload based on a pivot table that manages all the projects inside the company. The dashboard included columns for each resource, which would display their availability for the week.

Then, we created a separate board to gather this information regarding their skills and their experience level. For this, we created a form on Monday that each resource could fill out. The form included fields for the resource’s time zone, skills, experience, and availability. Once the form was filled out, it automatically added the information to the dashboard.

To enhance the functionality of Monday, we also implemented several plugins and automations. These plugins included a calendar plugin to keep track of deadlines and a timeline plugin to track the progress of each project.
Overall, implementing Monday and the associated dashboard and plugins proved to be an effective solution for the company.

They were able to track and manage its resources more efficiently, resulting in improved project management and more successful project outcomes.

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