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Initial Setup

Expedite expert solutions to simplify your experience, resources and live asistance


Integrate daily tools with for team efficiency. Customization, compliance, and cost reduction are key benefits.


Project migration services to and from, ensuring data consistency and progress preservation, tailored to your business

Initial Setup

Have you tried to implement and end up with countless standalone boards that just don’t make sense?

If :
  • You don’t have the time or knowledge to go into planning a structured but consider the tool can help them
  • Tried to implement, but nothing seems to work properly when using the tool
  • Went through several help articles and videos trying to figure out something about the tool but nothing was specifically what you needed
  • Need live help because they had several questions along the way
  • Seem to find really complex for simple workflows and interconnected boards
  • Need onboarding into the tool for them and their team
Keep in mind: should adapt to your company, not the other way around

That is why we start by defining each use case and business requirements before jumping into implementation, we provide:

  • Personalized, quick and efficient solutions that provide working frames to organizations
  • Combination of tools that provide the information you need whenever you need it
  • Live help and support
  • Onboarding for you and your employees

If it works in black and white, it will work on There is no reason to overcomplicate the setup.

Delta PMO is a partner specialized in personalized solutions for companies like yours, by working several years as consultants, we will assess your needs and provide a solution that fits your needs, it can be as simple as a template, or an elaborated setup that allows you to keep track of your tasks.

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✔ Integrate your daily tools into

Boost the efficiency of your team by integrating your everyday apps into your setup. You can integrate email, calendars, CRM, ERP, Project Management tooling, messaging apps and more, if the integrations you need are not available on monday, Fear not!, our team will develop a custom solution just for you.

✔ Customize your experience

Tailoring to your company's specific needs and processes increases efficiency by letting experts implement intuitive and relevant customizations.

✔ Compliance and security and every project management tool that manages sensitive company information, should be configured in accordance with data security and compliance, following industry standards and best practices. Secure your internal and external customers with a responsible configuration of your platform.

✔ Personalized help

As Delta PMO, we have helped dozens of businesses in almost every industry vertical to find the balance between innovation and conventional best practices, our team of experts can assess your situation. Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

✔ Cost reduction

Reduce resources spent by optimizing the use of your management platform by identifying inefficiencies and correcting them along the way. Our team will help you to reduce unnecessary processes by identifying the most time-consuming practices and proposing new ways of working.

✔ Grow your team and improve collaboration

Your team under one space. Take advantage of the synergy you can create when you track work in a customized platform, making it easier to share information, assign tasks, and track progress, even when working asynchronously or in diverse geolocation.

Let's dive into your specific needs

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Graduating your projects into


 We can help with direct connect third party tooling configuration or custom connections at the API or data structure level to ensure data consistency and sanitization at the source in order to migrate projects into


Asana to migration

Jira to migration

MS Project to migration

Smartsheets to migration

Clickup to migration

Trello to migration

Moving your projects away from

We work at the data structure level to ensure no work and task progress is lost when moving out from into a new project management tool. 


We specialize into migrations out of for: MS project, Trello, Smartsheet, Asana, Wrike, Team Gantt, ClickUp, Jira


Either choosing as the project management tooling or moving out of it we will create business process maps to ensure data integrity across migrations and centralization.

As a partner, Delta PMO excels in delivering bespoke solutions for businesses like yours. Leveraging years of experience as consultants, we will evaluate your requirements and deliver a tailored solution that can range from a simple template to a comprehensive setup, designed to enhance your task tracking capabilities. Ready to delve into your individual needs? Don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery session today.

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